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Meet Katie Dubarry



 Eweper provides a platform for farmers to easily record animal data which provides personalised guidance on the breeding potential of their sheep. 


Katie Dubarry


Personalised genomic analysis for commercial sheep could help improve animal health and production generation after generation. But there are a few problems stopping sheep farmers from using genomics. Genotyping is expensive, and it doesn't currently provide enough added value for the farmer. That's because we need to collect lots of information about the animals to carry out worthwhile analyses, and the systems to do this aren't user friendly! 


We will provide a platform for farmers to easily record animal data. After our analysis, they receive personalised guidance on which animals are keepers. We will use low-cost lab techniques combined with on-demand compute (eg AWS).


Sheep farmers are the initial main target market. Farmers walk a fine line between tradition and innovation. They often have a wealth of traditional knowledge on animal health, what their customers want, and a deep understanding of their environment. There is also an increasing interest in Agritech solutions driven by younger farmers. They need useful tech solutions they can trust, without faff that gets in the way of their daily workload. Cost-conscious with often high financial literacy. 


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