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Smart instruments for on-demand personalized surgical training.


Artūras Straižys


It is recognised that healthcare can benefit significantly from improved surgical training and assessment. Traditional surgical training follows the apprenticeship model that relies on subjective skill evaluation. Fundamental surgical skills are mainly acquired by practising on actual patients. Surveys suggest that many trainees feel inadequately trained to safely operate for the first time, and most trainees are unsatisfied with their training.


Celsus is a data-driven platform for hands-on surgical training, featuring automatic objective skill evaluation and continuous intraoperative feedback to aid the learning process. Our system consists of smart surgical instruments collecting tactile and motion data, realistic phantoms mimicking the mechanical properties of biological tissues, and an AI-based skill analytics tool for tracking learning progression and providing detailed personalized feedback.


Initially, we aim to provide our services to nationwide surgical training programs and skill centres. Next, we plan to target the growing market of simulation-based surgical training worldwide.


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