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Cerebral QA intelligently and autonomously answers questions by leveraging diverse data sources and AI inference techniques to support effective decision-making. Our interactive and interpretable inference process allows users to gain insights not only into their organization’s data, but also insights into how answers to them were inferred.


Kwabena Nuamah


 The immense difficulty in effectively and efficiently finding answers to questions from business and other data sources due to: (1) inadequate expertise or capacity to deal with massive and varied data items within the organisation; (2) the complexity of manually searching, transforming, and aggregating data to make productivity gains; (3) the lack of intelligent automated agents to support employees in a collaborative way. 


CerebralQA is a system that intelligently answers questions by using interpretable artificial intelligence techniques on diverse organizational data sources to support effective decision-making. 


Potential clients include organisations seeking to find answers to questions with justifications from their diverse data sources. This includes the financial and regulatory domains. However, the wide applicability of our explainable AI-based solution means that many other organisations are also potential clients. Our immediate plan is to identify a suitable beachhead market.


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