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PallorMetrics performs AI based analysis of retinal images to enable insight into brain health.


Samuel Gibbon


In several diseases, including dementia, multiple sclerosis, and optic neuritis, a particular part of the retina begins to turn pale in colour. Despite the importance of this feature, clinicians currently have no way of measuring pallor other than through visual inspection of the eye or a retinal photograph.


PallorMetrics automatically measures pallor in routinely taken retinal photographs. Values are compared to normative data and can be tracked over time, aiding disease detection, monitoring and progression.


NHS Scotland provides free, non-means tested eye health examinations for all adults biennially, conducted at high street opticians. In phase one, we aim to target this market, offering a subscription to a cloud-based platform, helping fulfil NHS commitments to disease screening. Phase two involves rolling out to the rest of the UK, which offers a similar eye health service, but is means-tested. Phase three would target European and global healthcare providers and private clinics.


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