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Ansearch makes information easy to find across an organisations's different online resources, it facilitates Q&A and will identify duplicates.  Ansearch can save time and encourage knowledge sharing and reuse. 


Mael Abgrall


A typical department in an organisation can use anywhere between 40 and 60 apps.  A company can have more than 200.  This means that information can be hard - and time consuming to find.  For instance, contacting a colleague can take up a minimum of 23 minutes and is a single exchange - the information may not be stored. 


Tecive brings all the knowledge of your company in one place with a search that can plug to all your SaaS tools (imagine having google, just for your company), and a place to ask questions that won't be lost in a chat or an email


Any organisation with more than 15 people, but focused on tech companies that are scaling up fast (50+ employees)


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