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Privacy-preserving and market-efficient DeFi Lending Platform


Amirreza Sarencheh

What is the problem?

Access to financial services is a challenge that extends beyond just underserved and economically marginalized communities. Even in developed countries, traditional financial systems often come with limitations such as slow processing, lack of transparency, considerable market inefficiencies, and high intermediation costs. These factors hinder economic growth, restrict opportunities, and limit financial inclusivity for a broader spectrum of individuals and organizations.

What is the  solution?

Our startup has pioneered a groundbreaking solution at the intersection of finance and computer science to address this issue. We have pioneered a decentralized identity solution that facilitates undercollateralized (Decentralized Finance) DeFi lending, redefining how lending occurs in both emerging and established economies. This innovative approach isn't confined by borders, making it equally relevant to both the economically marginalized and individuals seeking more efficient and inclusive financial services in developed countries. Additionally, our platform offers improved interest rates for both lenders and borrowers, rendering lending more market-efficient.

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