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Meet Greg Verghese

banner is an AI-powered digital pathology company transforming breast cancer diagnostics and empowering pathologists to make more informed, efficient, and confident clinical decisions.


In current treatment of invasive breast cancer, LNs are routinely excised, and assessed manually for details of the size and presence of lymph node metastasis to help inform the diagnosis for each patient. We’ve shown, that beyond the extent of cancer cell deposits, capturing the activation of the lymph nodes systemic immune responses is essential in fully understanding a patients disease trajectory and deciding the appropriate treatment options. Currently these immune features are not considered in the diagnostic assessment and would be too time consuming for a pathologist to manually evaluate.


We’re building an AI system to characterize the immune response of activated lymph nodes that will enable pathologists to automatically assess and quantify key immune biomarkers in lymph nodes from routine histology slides.


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the female population worldwide and there are around 56,000 new cases in the UK every year. Our target customers are national and private healthcare services worldwide and the NHS In the UK. In 2020 the breast cancer diagnostics market was valued at around 4 billion USD.


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