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We are developing a saliva-based lateral flow test (similar to the one used to test Covid-19) to detect early stage cancer.


Tiffany Ma

Cristiano Peron


Most cancers are not diagnosed until the later stages (stage 3 or 4) when symptoms are already noticeable and the survival probability for the cancer is low. For many of the common cancers, if diagnosed at stage 1, the survival probability is relatively high (>90%). This means that we can save many lives using existing drugs, interventions and therapeutics by merely detecting the cancer earlier. However, there are barriers in early detection including access to procedures, costs etc. 


We are developing a saliva-based lateral flow test very similar to the one that detects covid-19. However instead of detecting covid, our lateral flow test detects signs of early stage cancer using a novel type of biomarker that has never been utilised in the clinic. 


In the UK, we are selling direct to consumers as we want to empower the everyday person to be able to purchase the lateral flow test directly from Amazon or local pharmacies like Boots. However, such pharmacies/ retailers such as Boots and Amazon will also be our customers. In addition, an initial strategy is to let GP clinics use our product to validate it before making it accessible to the general public. In the US, we will consider working with/ selling to insurance companies/ payers. 


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