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A 3D printer for 2D materials: automating manufacturing of atomically-thin devices. Reducing device fabrication from multiple weeks to less than an hour. Increasing quality and setting new standards for reproducibility and scalability, accelerating the 2D revolution. 

Founder:  Aidan Campbell


Two-dimensional (2D) materials are single sheets of atoms (such as graphene, a single layer of carbon). These innovative materials can be stacked on top of each other to create new electronic, magnetic, and photonic devices with remarkable properties. They will be used for faster computer chips, more efficient solar cells, hyper-responsive biosensors and novel quantum simulation and communication devices. However, this technology is hindered by a lack of scalable manufacturing techniques. Currently, 2D device manufacturing is manually performed by highly-skilled researchers, an incredibly time-consuming and tedious effort with poor yield rates and reproducibility.


We use robotics and machine vision techniques to autonomously identify and assemble atomically thin layers such as graphene, boron nitride, transition metal dichalcogneides (and more) into electronic, magnetic or photonic devices.


We are initially targeting the academic market and technology start-ups working in the 2D materials sector. In the medium term (>2 years) we will use the revenue generated from academic sales to continue our R&D and explore industrial applications.


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