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The Bracket

Meet Arsh Merchant, Kevin Spillmann and Ahmad Rafi



Bracket uses psychological and interest-based compatibility measures to help students find and create university-exclusive friend groups made just for them. Bracket’s use of personality assessments makes the matching algorithm as effective as a traditional dating site while keeping our primary feature competitive groups a fun gamelike encounter.


Arsh Merchant

Kevin Spillmann

Ahmad Rafi


Integrating new members into an organization presents significant difficulties for many entities. Without a means of facilitating social connections, it becomes difficult for individuals within an organization to form strong relationships, leading to an overall weaker sense of community and negative organizational performance.


The Bracket takes a data-driven approach to form organization-specific hyperlocalized networks of user-formed groups on the basis of psychological and interest-based personality mapping.


The Bracket is a project that aims to become a B2B service targeting midsize to large organizations that have high member turnover and feel that their member experience would be enhanced by improved cohesion.


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