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Elliot Addy, Xell Brunet and Ryan Gidda

Meet Elliot Addy, Xell Brunet Guasch and Ryan Gidda.


Software-driven healthcare company tackling the problem of hospital system inefficiencies in patient flow and patient allocation. Using mathematical modelling to optimise the patient journey. Helping bed managers, doctors, relieving pressure on healthcare systems and most importantly serving patients.


Xell Brunet Guasch

Ryan Gidda

Elliot Addy


Inefficiency of bed management represents a major internal factor causing operations and other medical procedures to be delayed/cancelled due to lack of bed availability. This results in wasted resources, time wasted for the surgical team, and increased delays for patients. Whilst most industries use queuing theory for analysis of waiting lines, hospitals rarely employ analytical tools to optimise bed allocation. This is partly due the complex functioning of hospitals, ignored in current models.


Develop software that keeps track of bed usage in hospital and uses the mathematical theory of queuing systems to optimise the distribution of beds across departments in order to forecast and reduce bed shortages in hospitals and ultimately improve patient flow within hospitals.


Biotech companies that are developing software and hardware for hospital management. For example, those companies that are developing the technology to keep track of beds in hospitals (such as TeleTracking and Medworxx), and thus generating data on it, but their software does not include mathematical optimisation for. Clients also extend to healthcare institutions such as NHS Trusts, private hospitals, and other international hospitals looking to optimise their bed management.


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