Terms and Conditions

Room Bookings Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Booker Responsibilities

All bookings must have a named individual who is responsible for:-

  • the booking
  • the behaviour of the people attending the booking and
  • ensuring that the room, equipment and facilities are returned in an acceptable state


The booker will be considered to be the “responsible individual” unless another person is named on the booking.


Where “Responsible Individual” is used in this document, it means the named individual on the booking or the booker, in the absence of a named individual.


It is the booker’s responsibility to ensure that the named individual is aware of the terms and conditions of the booking.

Booking Status

Bookings are accepted, subject to higher-priority bookings being received.

Where a higher-priority booking is received, every effort will be made by the administrators to secure a suitable alternative.

There is no guarantee that a suitable alternative will be found, in which case the administrator reserves the right to cancel your booking.

Booking Obligations

Bookers, responsible individuals and attendees must comply with the terms and conditions for the use of rooms. This includes local terms and conditions, including those displayed in rooms.

It is the responsibility of bookers and responsible individuals to make themselves aware of all terms and conditions of use.

Failure to comply with all terms and conditions of use may result in individuals being barred from booking and using rooms.

The responsible individual will ensure that attendees:

  • Do not move equipment / furniture from room to room
  • Return chairs and tables to their original position in the room
    • refer to the layout diagram provided, where available
  • Dispose of all rubbish in the appropriate bin provided,
    • Everyone is encouraged to recycle wherever possible
  • Comply with food and drink rules for the room
  • Follow instructions provided for clearing up / removing catering
  • Follow instructions provided for the use of any equipment in the room, ensuring equipment is safely and correctly closed down
  • Leave the room tidy and in good working order

The responsible individual will be held responsible for any damage to facilities incurred during the period of their booking.

Be prepared: Make the necessary arrangements for your meeting ahead of time. Do not rely on reception or other staff being available to help out at the last minute. Pre-book any assistance where applicable.

Health and Safety

The responsible individual must ensure that attendees are aware of and comply with the safety and fire procedures for the location.

Refer to fire procedure information available in rooms

Charges are applicable in certain circumstances.


The booker must:

  • Ensure that chargeable bookings are booked in line with that policy and rules
  • Contact the relevant  administrator regarding the booking, either before or as soon as the booking is placed, and:
    • Agree charges applicable
    • Pay the required deposit
    • Provide invoicing and/or purchase order details for the balance, as requested
    • Ensure that all charges are paid in line with policy

Bookings that are made and are subsequently found to be chargeable will:-

  • Incur full charges retrospectively
  • May incur a penalty charge
  • May result in the booker and/or responsible individual being barred from making further room bookings
  • May result in disciplinary action if it is found that rooms are being booked fraudulently

Catering facilities are available for many, but not all rooms.

  • Before ordering catering, check that food and drink are permitted in the booked room  
  • The responsible individual must:-
    • ensure that catering is cleared from meeting tables and rubbish place in bins provided, before leaving the room
    • Follow any local procedures for the removal of catering  
  • Further information about catering options for each location are available here:

BioQuarter rooms and Western General Hospital

Central Area