Locally Allocated Spaces Contacts

Contact details for Locally Allocated Spaces as well as information for the Servitorial and Ceremonial Services

Servitorial and Ceremonial Services

Information and contact details for the Servitorial Services of the University 

Schools and Colleges

Name School Contact for: Phone Email
Donna Wright Biological Sciences

Meeting rooms, Computer Labs and Labs

651 7051 Donna.Wright@ed.ac.uk
BMTO Biomedical Sciences East/West Lab & Anatomy Teaching Lab   BMTO@ed.ac.uk
Business School Business School All Teaching Rooms 650 8072 teaching.ops@business-school.ed.ac.uk
Business School Business School Conferencing Facilities   events@business-school.ed.ac.uk 
MBA Team Business School MBA Suite 650 3475 mba.support@business-school.ed.ac.uk
Chemistry Admin Chemistry Meeting Rooms & Labs 650 7546


Keith Wylde College MVM Chancellor's Building 242 9117 Keith.Wylde@ed.ac.uk  
Peter Reehal Divinity Rainy Hall   ncbookings@ed.ac.uk
Kate Monroe Edinburgh College of Art Specialist Rooms   Kate.Monroe@ed.ac.uk
Lucy Davie Engineering Labs 651 7073 Lucy.Davie@ed.ac.uk
Kath Will GeoSciences Geography (Old Infirmary): Computer Labs 650 9847 Kath.Will@ed.ac.uk
  GeoSciences Grant Institute & Crew Building    
Vicky MacTaggart Informatics Appleton Tower - computer labs/tutorial rooms (floor 3 and above) 651 5498 Vicky.MacTaggart@ed.ac.uk
School Office Informatics Informatics Forum   infevent@ed.ac.uk
Justyna Hajduczek Literatures, Languages and Cultures

50 George Square: Screening Room & Project Room

651 5984 LLC.Reception@ed.ac.uk
Carne Burke Literatures, Languages and Cultures 50 George Square: Computer Labs 1.01 & 1.02   carne.burke@ed.ac.uk
Alison Fairgrieve Mathematics JCMB: Computer Labs 650 5045 Alison.Fairgrieve@ed.ac.uk
School Office Moray House School of Education Old Nursery Building Meeting Room and Old Moray House, Cromwell and Balcony rooms   MHSES.SMT@ed.ac.uk
PPLS School Office Philosophy, Psychology and Language Science

Dugald Stewart Building: Meeting Rooms & Computer Labs

651 3083 ppls.schooloffice@ed.ac.uk
Rosie Edwards Physics and Astronomy JCMB : Computer Labs & Specialist Space 651 7067 sst-to@ph.ed.ac.uk
SPS Support Social and Political Sciences

Chrystal MacMillan Building: B.03 Computing Lab

650 4047 SPS.Support@ed.ac.uk
Lucy Pughe Veterinary Studies Vet School: Easter Bush   lucy.pughe@ed.ac.uk

Other Departments/Units

Name Department/ Unit Contact For: Phone Email
Claire Fox Centre for Open Learning Patersons Land 650 4400 COL@ed.ac.uk
Sarah Deters Centre for Research Collections St Cecilia's Hall 650 3069 Sarah.Deters@ed.ac.uk
Joanne MacRury Chaplaincy Centre Bristo Square (Potterow) 650 2595 joanne.macrury@ed.ac.uk
Joanne MacRury Chaplaincy Centre Mary Brück (Kings Buildings) 650 2595 joanne.macrury@ed.ac.uk
Reception Charles Stewart House*

Cheviot Room, Ochil Room

Torridon Room, Cuilin Room

650 9551 csh.reception@ed.ac.uk
Rodaidh McLaughlin Edinburgh Climate Change Institute ECCI, High School Yards 651 4655 Rodaidh.McLaughlin@ed.ac.uk
Claire Pryde Edinburgh First/ ACE McEwan Hall 651 2196 Claire.Pryde@ed.ac.uk
Ann Hunter Edinburgh University Student Union EUSA controlled rooms 650 4674 Anne.Hunter@eusa.ed.ac.uk
Reception Learning Spaces Technology Various Computer Labs 650 4097 learningspacestechnology@ed.ac.uk
Reception Old College*

Playfair Library

Carstares Room, Lee Room

Raeburn Room, Elder Room

650 8003

Moira Landels Reid School of Music Reid Concert Hall 651 4336 Moira.Landels@ed.ac.uk
Fiona Kneale User Services Division Argyle House 650 4141 Fiona.Kneale@ed.ac.uk
  Wilkie Building, Teviot Row All Rooms    


*The meeting rooms in Old College and Charles Stewart House are not available for teaching.