Timetable Preparation Process

The Timetabling Data Team is responsible for supporting all staff in committing timetabling data to the Central Timetabling System.

Timetable Data Creation (Feb – May)

Collection of timetable requirements from School (Feb – May)

  • TTU sends Schools exports of the previous year’s timetabling data, through bespoke Data Collection Spreadsheets
  • Schools check and return these to TTU

Timetable Planning Service (all year)

  • TTU is available to assist with timetabling planning for alternative teaching timeslots, introducing new courses and new programmes. Schools can request this service via data collection spreadsheets, teaching change request form, or email. The service varies according to the nature of the request
  • The TTU modelling team will assist in the transition of agreed modelling outcomes to the TTU data team

Creation of timetable requirements in the timetabling system (Feb – May)

  • TTU creates/amends timetabling data in Enterprise
  • Batch activities into Rapid-RAP (advanced bespoke priority allocation sessions) and RAP (Room Allocation Process) groups
  • Ad-hoc requests confirmed as normal

Creation of timetable planning tools (April-May)

  • Schools update Degree Programme Tables (DPT) for upcoming year (April)
  • TTU use available DPT information to create compulsory programme pathways across the University curriculum within the timetabling system (timetable planning tools)
  • TTU allocate the timetable planning tools to all whole-class teaching activities
  • TTU undertake core timetable validation checks (compulsory teaching clashes/travel constraints)


Teaching Room Allocation

PRAM (May – Jun)

  • Meet with Schools to agree rules of Priority room allocation meeting
  • Rapid-RAP held for each School as a collaborative effort with nominated School staff involved throughout the process

RAP (Jun – Jul)

  • Allocate as many remaining activities as possible in offline planning images
  • Allocate for real in Live, using previous work as a template
  • Finesse Live result over a number of weeks
  • Run Travel Time Constraint report to make sure there are no ‘official’ travel constraints for core programme course requirements (end of Jun)

Declaration of teaching timetable to Schools (mid Jul)

  • Declare first draft allocation to Schools – all staff can check specific room details through our Room Information pages
  • Teaching Timetable for all University courses is published in Web Timetables and Course Timetable Browser (Mid Jul)

Allocation of remaining outstanding activities (mid Jul – Sep)

Student Allocation (Jul – Onwards)

Allocation of students to whole-class teaching activities (Jul – Sep)

  • Student details and their enrolments are fed from Euclid to  timetabling system (mid of Jul)
  • Allocate students to whole-class teaching activities (Jul/Aug for mandatory modules and Sep for optional modules)
  • Run Room Accessibility report for module activities weekly (end Jul/beg Aug)
  • Run Double Booked report daily (Aug – onwards)
  • Amend teaching timetable or move student to another group in order to eliminate room inaccessibility or double booking (Jul – Aug)


Population of Student Personalised Timetable (Aug – Onwards)

  • Student Personalised Timetable (whole class activities) starts to be populated with teaching activities (Aug)
  • Students can view their personalised timetable in Office365 calendar and WebTimetables - My timetable


Allocation of students to sub - group teaching activities (Sep)

  • Student enrolments for optional courses are fed to timetabling system (Sep)
  • Run Room Accessibility report for optional module activities daily (Sep)
  • Run Double Booked report for optional module activities daily (Sep)
  • Amend teaching timetable or move student to another group in order to eliminate room inaccessibility or double bookings (Sep)

Change Management (Jul – Onwards)

Requests for change of teaching activity’s time, day or location (mid Jul – Onwards)

  • School submits request via Teaching Change Request Form
  • Address amendments to room requirements requested by School post timetable declaration in mid-July


Request for re-allocation to a group activity taking place on different day or time (semester time)

  • Student submits request for change via Group Change Request Form
  • Move student to another group or inform student that a change is impossible