TTU Managed Data

Information for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The Timetabling Unit manages a data creation service for the College of CAHSS, whereby timetabling requirements are collected by school and committed to the Timetabling system by the Timetabling Data Team. Guidance notes for CAHSS schools can be found in the following PDF.

Our Service Policy

We aim to provide:

  • Good quality data which facilitates correct student allocation for timetable notification and display
  • 1 to 1 support for data collection and creation
  •  A prompt response and engagement to requests

Stakeholder responsibility:

  • Information should be provided to the TTU at the recommended deadlines, to allow for the best data interpretation and location allocation result
  • Information provided will be represented as advised. Stakeholders should notify the TTU of any changes or omissions as soon as they arise.


The Data Collection/Creation period runs from January to April of each year for the following Academic Session. Please see the full timeline below

CAHSS Timetabling Data Creation Timeline for Academic Year 1819
CAHSS Timetabling Data Creation Timeline for Academic Year 1819


If you have any questions related to this service please contact your TTU School contact.