Booking rooms at the University of Edinburgh

Resource Booker

This service gives staff, students and the NHS the chance to check availability and request rooms for meetings and other ad-hoc events, in rooms managed by the Timetabling Unit or in locally controlled spaces that they have permissions to book into.

The facility is available in MyEd by clicking on Services and then in the Additional Services column you can select Room Booking.

When you are in Resource Booker you can select on a specific room or search for available space by setting day and time filters.  This will then return a list of rooms that are currently free that match the request requirements.

You select the room you wish to request and then fill in the booking details. You will then receive a confirmation email once the booking has been confirmed. You can check on the status of your booking by clicking on My Bookings which is located on the left-hand menu they will show as Confirmed or Requested.

While in My Bookings you also have access to edit or cancel your booking. If you click on the booking you need to modify and then either click edit or cancel. 

Please find additional details for Resource Booker below:

Resource Booker | The University of Edinburgh