Booking AV and Catering

Information about areas where catering is permitted and booking additional AV

 Audio/Visual – Requests can be made for AV help within centrally controlled spaces, as well as equipment loans by contacting Learning Spaces Technology


Catering – For events in University rooms or spaces, approved caterers must but used. Please note that catering is not permitted in teaching rooms. For more information on catering, please follow this link.

Catering is permitted in the following centrally allocated spaces:

· Outreach Centre: Concourse

· Old Moray House: Balcony Room

· Moray House Nursery School: Visitors Room

· Simon Laurie House: 1.05

· St John's Land: 4.22


Catering may also be requested in the following spaces. Please contact the Timetabling Unit for assistance for these spaces:

· Appleton Tower: Concourse

· Appleton Tower: Space between 2.12 and 2.14

· 50 George Square: Space between G.01 and G.02


Some Locally Allocated Spaces also allow catering. For these spaces, please reach out to the local contacts for these buildings:

· 50 George Square: Project Room

· Evolution House: Evo Boardroom

· Old College: Playfair Library

· Old College: Carstares, Lee, Raeburn and Elder Room

· Charles Stewart House: Cuillin, Ochil, Torridon

· Argyle House: Meeting Room




*** For catering in the Bioquarter and Western General Campus, please click here for catering information ***


University Approved Caterers  

For events in University rooms or spaces, approved caterers must but used: Catering Information