Teaching Times

Details of permitted teaching times

Details of permitted teaching times

The standard teaching day is from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. It is recognised that learning and teaching sometimes takes place outside of these hours. For timetabling purposes, ‘morning’ is defined as any time before 13:00, ‘afternoon’ is defined as any time between 13:00 and 18:00, and ‘evening’ is defined as any time after 18:00.

The DAY is divided into 50 minute slots. Within these slots, rooms should be booked for the actual times that they are required (e.g. some may teach for 1.5 hours in a 2 hour slot or for 3 hours in a half-day slot). The existing rule that rooms may not be booked across 11 am and 4 pm except for bookings of at least 3 hours will remain in force.


Single Double Half Day
0900-09.50 0900-1050 0900-1300
1110-1200 1110-1300
1410-1500 1410-1600 1400-1800
1610-1700 16.10-1800

*variable lunch hour


1. Teaching times indicate when the class is scheduled to begin and NOT five minutes later. (e.g. lectures to start at 0900 and not 0905). Students should be in their seats 5 minutes before the advertised time.

2. There is a 20-minute mid-morning break to facilitate movement between Timetabling Zones.

3. Except in exceptional circumstances, staff and students have at least one hour free of learning and teaching commitments between 12:00 and 14:00.

4. Only in exceptional circumstances will core lecture or class slots be scheduled on Wednesday afternoon when no alternative can be found. Scheduling such a class at this time must be approved by the relevant College Learning and Teaching Committee. This does not preclude schools from offering classes (e.g. laboratories) on a Wednesday afternoon, provided that alternative times are offered at other points in the week.