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Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine

Daniel Smith (Affiliate)

Genomic and data science approaches to understanding the pathophysiology of bipolar disorder

Portrait of Professor Daniel Smith
Professor Daniel Smith

Research in a Nutshell

I am interested in the genetic and non-genetic causes of bipolar disorder, with a particular emphasis on sleep and circadian dysfunction. My work uses a variety of methods, including clinical and genetic epidemiology, health informatics, brain imaging and data science, and I work with both patient and population cohorts.

I am also interested in using experimental medicine approaches to develop new treatments for bipolar disorder, such as chronotherapies.


Prof Daniel Smith

Group Leader, Chair of Psychiatry and Head of Division of Psychiatry

Dr Giulia Gaggioni

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Amy Ferguson Postdoctoral Researcher
Aleks Stolicyn Postdoctoral Researcher

Tomasz Zielinski

Research Fellow

Laura Lyall

Honorary Fellow

Breda Cullen

Honorary Fellow

Natasha Sangha

PhD Student

Reesha Zahir PhD Student




  • Heather Whalley, University of Edinburgh
  • Andrew McIntosh, University of Edinburgh
  • Sue Fletcher-Watson, University of Edinburgh
  • Laura Lyall, University of Glasgow
  • Breda Cullen, University of Glasgow
  • Cathy Wyse, Maynooth University
  • Donald Lyall, University of Glasgow
  • Malcolm von Schantz, Northumbria University
  • Alice Gregory, Goldsmiths University of London


Scientific Themes

Bipolar disorder, genomics, epidemiology, sleep, circadian, informatics, data science

Technology Expertise

Clinical epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, data linkage