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Generation Scotland Research Group

A family and population based cohort study for research into the genetic, environmental and sociodemographic influences on health over the life-course

Generation Scotland

Section: Genomic Medicine

Research in a Nutshell

A bioresource of human biological samples and data, available for medical research.

Generation Scotland (GS) aims to create more effective treatments based on gene knowledge to the medical, social and economic benefit of Scotland and its people. Research participants from across Scotland have helped Generation Scotland create a world class biomedical resource for research into the genetic and environmental determinants of physical and mental health.

GS has created an ethically sound research resource to support health data science. It incorporates three Research Tissue Banks: the Scottish Family Health Study (GS:SFHS), Genetic Health in the 21st Century (GS:21CGH) and the Donor DNA Databank (GS:3D). Together these projects have recruited a cohort of over 30,000 people. Research participants have given consent to allow both academic and commercial research, and the majority have also given their permission to link to information from their medical records and to be re-contacted about participation in further research.

Following a £5.1 million award for the Wellcome Trust (2019-2024), we aim to extend the breadth and depth of the Generation Scotland cohort by utilising remote sample and data collection to recruit the next generation (aged 12 and over) and double the cohort in size, using e-HR data linkage to NHS Scotland routine data to establish a richly annotated, longitudinal, life-course cohort.

Generation Scotland collaborates widely with UK, EU and international researchers. Generation Scotland is an active partner in a wide range of UK based and international research consortia. Generation Scotland supports UK research infrastructural initiatives such as Health Data Research UK.

For more information and guidance on how to access the resource (phenotype and genotype data, blood DNA, serum and urine), go to our dedicated website:

Generation Scotland Website

Generation Scotland Research Group


Professor Cathie Sudlow Director
Archie Campbell Chief Technology Officer
Heather Whalley Chief Scientist
Robin Flaig Chief Operations Officer
Daniel McCartney Senior Bioinformatics Analyst
Anne Richmond Bioinformatics Analyst
Alex Wood Analyst/Developer
Hannah Milbourn Data Scientist
Liz Kirby Research Support Officer
Leah Young Research Support Officer
Sarah Robertson Young Person Engagement & Recruitment Co-ordinator
Fiona Clark Research & Communications Manager
Elly Darrah Administrator
Rosie Tatham Science Communications and Administrative Assistant
Zhuoni Xiao

Research Fellow



Partners and Funders

  • Chief Scientist Office
  • Scottish Funding Research Council
  • Medical Research Council
  • Wellcome Trust

Scientific Themes

Biobanking, genetic and environmental risk factors, disease mechanisms, deep phenotyping, medical record linkage

Technology Expertise

Biobanking, electronic health record linkage, population and family-based cohort recruitment