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Stuart Ralston Research Group

Pathogenesis and management of rheumatic and bone diseases

Section: Experimental Medicine

stuart ralston
Professor Stuart Ralston - Professor of Rheumatology

Research in a Nutshell

The Ralston group research focuses on the pathogenesis and treatment of patients with bone and joint disease. Research projects are being undertaken with the aim to gain greater understanding of the genetic determinants of bone and joint disease with the aim of tailoring treatments more effectively to improve clinical outcome for patients. 

Improving clinical outcome in Paget’s disease of bone by genetic testing and targeted intervention. The ZiPP trial is a ground-breaking study which seeks to determine if prophylactic treatment of patients genetically at high risk of developing Paget’s disease can alter the natural history of the disease and improve clinical outcome.

Predicting therapeutic response to teriparatide therapy in osteoporosis by genetic profiling. This project combines pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine, aiming to identify genetic markers for response to teriparatide by genome-wide association analysis. Genetic profiling could be of real clinical value in targeting treatment more effectively.  Functional analysis of the identified markers would help to develop new strategies to improve bone formation in non-responder patients.

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Professor Stuart Ralston Professor of Rheumatology
Sachin Wani PhD student/Research assistant
Omar Albagha Reader
Philip Riches Consultant rheumatologist
Ariane Willems Postdoctoral research fellow
Nerea Alonso Postdoctoral research fellow/Lab manager
Belinda Stephen Professor Ralston’s personal assistant/Unit administrator
Micaela Rios Research assistant
Asim Azfer Postdoctoral research fellow
Maheva Vallet PhD student
Beatriz Larraz Prieto Research assistant
James Mckenzie Research assistant
Carol Williams NRS Champion Support Manager




  • Professor Bente Langdahl, University of Aarhus

Partners and Funders

  • Arthritis Research UK
  • Efficacy and Mechanisms Evaluation
  • Paget’s Association

Scientific Themes

Bone metabolism, human molecular genetics, bone disease, clinical trials.

Technology Expertise

Clinical trials, genetic association studies, bone cell biology.