Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine
Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine

Heather Whalley (Affiliate)

The integration of human psychiatric neuroimaging with genetics (common and rare variants), epigenetics, and stem cell models, in the context of clinically-relevant research

Dr Heather Whalley - ESAT College Fellow & JMAS SIM Fellow (RCPE) (Senior Research Fellow)

Research in a Nutshell

My main area of research interest is to link neuroimaging techniques with underlying biology in a bottom-up approach in order to better understand debilitating neuropsychiatric disorders. My research therefore focuses on how causal factors (such as rare and common genetic variants) contribute to disease in terms of their impact on brain structure and function. 

Research Programme


Dr Heather Whalley Group Leader
Shen Xueyi PhD Student
Miruna Barbu PhD Student




  • Professor Andrew McIntosh, University of Edinburgh 
  • Professor Stephen Lawrie, University of Edinburgh 
  • Dr Stella Chan, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Andrew Horne, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Katy Vincent, University of Oxford
  • Dr Kathy Evans, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Mandy Johnstone, University of Edinburgh
  • IMAGEMEND consortium
  • ENIGMA consortium

Partners and Funders

  • Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Scientific Themes

Psychiatric neuroimaging