Institute of Genetics and Cancer
Institute of Genetics and Cancer research

The Institute of Genetics and Cancer is a strategic partnership of the MRC Human Genetics Unit (HGU), Edinburgh Cancer Research, and the Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine that together form a coalition of distinct world class expertise in genetics and cancer.

The Institute of Genetics and Cancer is tackling one of the greatest biomedical challenges, determining how mutations – constitutional and acquired - drive the molecular and cellular dysfunction that result in disease. Defining the molecular mechanisms of genetic disease and cancer, and the flow of information from DNA through to the production and regulation of RNAs and proteins is critical to deliver pathways targetable by future therapies. Delivering this mission requires a critical mass of expertise to harness multiscale, multimodal and multidisciplinary approaches and research that scales from nanoscale to population; from biochemistry to in vivo; and from bedside to AI.

We are looking for a research leader to shape the next phase of the Institute’s development and success.

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Institute of Genetics and Cancer research

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