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Applicant Presentation

Watch these videos to find out everything you need to know about applying to Edinburgh.

In the first video, Robbie Willis, the Head of the International Recruitment and Development Team, will talk you through the admissions and decision making process. In the second, our Dean for North America introduces the city and discusses employability and research excellence. In the third, the Alumni team highlights events for North American Edinburgh alumni, and in the final, you will hear why so many North American students choose to study at the University of Edinburgh.

Admissions and decision making process

Robbie Willis, Head of the International Recruitment and Development Team, introduces the University and the city, as well as discussing the admissions and decision making process.


Welcome & Introduction for applicants from North America

Professor Frank Cogliano, Dean for North America, introduces the University of Edinburgh and the city for our North American applicants. 


Edinburgh North America events

Highlights of Edinburgh Alumni events in North America.


Why do so many students from North America choose Edinburgh?

Find out in this video:


To find out more about the topics discussed in the video, follow these links:

Research Excellence