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You can help students develop the confidence and experience to reach their full potential beyond graduation.

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Insights brings together students and alumni to explore the world of work.

The employment environment has never been tougher for graduates.

Popular sectors offering graduate-entry roles can receive more than 180 applications per vacancy. Graduate schemes can be even more competitive and the average number of applications to these programmes is rising.

To succeed, applicants need to be prepared. Relevant work experience and insider sector knowledge is vital. But not all students have easy access to these advantages.

Overcoming barriers

If you’re the first in your family to attend university, you might not know anyone who can offer helpful insights into the sectors or companies you’re interested in working for.

And it’s common for students who come from under-represented backgrounds to experience imposter syndrome or lack the confidence to aspire to certain career goals.

The Insights programme was set up to counter these challenges for students who face the most barriers towards finding meaningful roles after graduation.

By supporting the Insights programme, you can help these students navigate this increasingly challenging environment and have the confidence to take their first step towards a successful career.

I was so uncertain back in first year about job prospects. Would I be employed? Am I good enough? All of that stuff. 

SinInsights student

The key learning point for me was to always push yourself. Throughout the week I was put in to unfamiliar situations that I would have never imagined myself to be in.

MollyInsights student

Broadening horizons

Throughout the programme, our Insights students take part in workshops to develop their confidence and develop professional workplace skills. We introduce them to alumni working in a range of roles in many different sectors. Through these introductions our Insights students can learn more about the options available to them, inspiring them to think about their future in new and exciting ways.

The Insights programme transforms lives.  Everyone benefits when the sectors, organisations and companies that shape how we live are truly reflective of the diverse society we all belong to.

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