The Insights Programme

Why get involved

Getting involved in Insights is a great way to help broaden access to your sector, inspire and motivate others and make connections with talented students.

The best thing about being an alumni host is being able to share knowledge about the tools and the skills necessary to succeed in a business like ours.

JosephAlumni host

Support workplace diversity

Our Insights Programme is designed to remove some of the barriers which prevent some students from fulfilling their full career potential. For students who come from families, schools or communities where university is not always a typical destination, the Insights Programme offers the networking opportunities and development to help broaden horizons and demystify professional working environments.

Not all sectors or professions are as representative of society as they could be, so by getting involved with Insights as a host, you will be helping to inspire talented students from a cross-section of backgrounds to consider and prepare for careers which may have previously seemed inaccessible.

Inspire others

We’re passionate about making sure our hosts are Edinburgh alumni because as part of our University community, you are well placed to relate to our Insights students and reassure them. Is there a piece of careers advice you would have benefitted from when you were a student? Now is your chance to share it and really make a positive difference to someone’s career journey.

Reach out to talent

Being involved in the Insights Programme is a great way to raise awareness and share knowledge of your organisation, business and sector to Edinburgh’s diverse and talented body of students.

Get involved

Whatever your career level or sector, get in touch if you’d like to help.