The Insights Programme

Insights Online - Abd Al-Rahman

The Insights Programme helped Abd Al-Rahman explore career options and gain professional skills and confidence. He tells us more about it.

Insights Online 2021 student

Third year Electrical and Mechanical Engineering student

Why did you sign up for the Insights Programme?

To get a better understanding of where I want to go in life after graduation – to help me make decisions between some career paths.

What did you think of your Insights experience?

Amazing! Structure was great and the sheer variety of tasks and sessions was second to none, better than any other ‘development’ event I have attended!

How have you benefited from this experience and what did you learn?

I’ve learnt that ultimately after gaining some experience, even if I make a choice that isn’t super helpful immediately I have time to rectify it. And, that to challenge myself and take more (calculated albeit) risks that may lead to exciting career paths.

Did you have any preconceptions about University graduates (alumni) before taking part in Insights? What did you learn from connecting with alumni?

No preconceptions as such. I learnt that the experience they have and their lives provide a tangible image of what the future could look like – also that career progression isn’t linear! It can move about and change in so many different ways.

How has this experience influenced you/your choices in the future?

I think it’s definitely made me consider more of an international career which is cool!

What will you do next?

I’m doing an internship at the moment but always on the lookout to get more experience in as many areas as possible!

Would you recommend other students take part, and why?

Yes! You lose absolutely nothing by attending Insights! Even if you feel like you only learned a few things and got a few connections (very unlikely this will be the only thing you gain) then that’s still information and contacts you didn’t previously have! The experiences of alumni and support from staff really help you develop and think critically about yourself and your goals.