Laboratory for Bacterial Evolution and Pathogenesis (LBEP)


Latest news and events

Well done to our visiting students in 2023

Well done to Miriam, Hannah and Zora

Congratulations to Dr. Gorzynski

Jamie Gorzynski passed his PhD viva

LBEP represented at London Calling 2023

London Calling, Annual Oxford Nanopore Technologies meeting, May 2023

LBEP postdoc reaches the finals of STEM for Britain 2023

STEM for Britain poster competition 2023, Houses of Parliament, London, UK

Visual analysis of genome organisation and variation across bacterial species with Graphia

New article describes a new approach for visual analysis of bacterial species pangenomes

Congratulations to Dr. Harling-Lee

Josh Harling-Lee passed his PhD viva

Edinburgh AMR Forum Showcase for World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2022

LBEP public engagement and research update at the event

Congratulations to Dr. Sargison

Fiona Sargison passed her PhD viva

Discovering the evolutionary origins of global livestock-associated Staphylococcus aureus

New article exploring the evolutionary history and global dissemination of bovine Staphylococcus aureus, a leading cause of mastitis in dairy cows

Genomic Data enables a deep investigation of historic Legionnaires' disease cases in Scotland

New article on the epidemiology of Legionnaires' disease in Scotland

Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections in Animals

Staphylococcus chapter in the 5th Edition

Hostbusters at Edinburgh Science Festival

Family workshops at the National Museum of Scotland

The Legionella pneumophila lag-1 gene provides resistance to immune cells

New article on the discovery and functional analysis of a legionella pneumophila gene associated with isolates from human infections.

Congratulations Emma Nance

Emma Nance successfully completes her PhD rotatation project with LBEP

Conferences and awards in 2020 and 2021

Conference presentations and awards recieved by LBEP members in 2020 and 2021

Developing new research practices for sustainability

New article documents an 11-week study to improve the sustainability of lab protocols and reduce lab running costs.

The role of staphylococcal superantigen SElW

New article characterises the distribution and elusive function of the SElW superantigen in Staphylococcus aureus.

Public engagement in 2019

A summary page for the community outreach activities undertaken by LBEP researchers in 2019.

Congratulations Dr Parr

Emily Parr passed her PhD viva

LBEP contribution to GRC Staphylococcal Diseases 2019

Staphylococcal Diseases (Gordon Research Conference) 2019, Barcelona

Prizes and awards in 2019

Prizes and Awards recieved by LBEP members in 2019

LBEP contribution to Staph GBI 2019

Staph GBI 2019, University of Warwick

Bacterial host-specialized fibrinogen-binding

New article characterizes the high strength binding of a cell-wall associated protein of Staphylococcus pseudintermedius to canine fibrinogen

LBEP contribution to Microbiology Society Annual Meeting 2019

Microbiology Society Annual Meeting 2019, Belfast

Public engagement in 2018

A summary page for the community outreach activities undertaken by LBEP researchers in 2018.

Congratulations Dr. Bengtsson

Rebecca Bengtsson passed her PhD viva

Genome hypermobility by lateral transduction

New article in Science describes a new type of bacterial transduction

Bovine Staphylococcus superantigens stimulate the entire T cell repertoire of cattle

New article reveals a key role of S. aureus superantigens in bovine immune evasion

S. pseudintermedius surface protein L (SpsL) is required for abscess formation in skin infection

New article shows that the SpsL protein of the bacteria influences the type of infection produced in the skin of a mouse model

LBEP MSc student wins prize

Marleen wins 'best research project' prize in The Netherlands

LBEP contribution to ISSSI 2018

LBEP contribution to ISSSI 2018 in Copenhagen

Gene exchange allows Staphylococcus to infect multiple hosts

New article in Nature Ecology & Evolution sheds light into the ecological success of S. aureus

LBEP contribution to Microbiology Society Annual Meeting 2018

Microbiology Society Annual Meeting 2018, Birmingham

Congratulations to Dr. Bacigalupe

Rodrigo Bacigalupe passed his PhD viva

LBEP contribution to Staphylococcus GBI 2017

Swansea, Wales, September 14-15

The Staphylococcus superantigen SElX inhibits neutrophil function

New article in PLOS Pathogens reports the first superantigen able to manipulate both innate and adaptive human immune systems

Congratulations to Dr. Goncheva

Mariya Goncheva passed her PhD viva

High population diversity found in Legionella longbeachae

Genomic analyses highlight the complexities of tracing the origin of legionellosis