Laboratory for Bacterial Evolution and Pathogenesis (LBEP)

LBEP represented at London Calling 2023

London Calling, Annual Oxford Nanopore Technologies meeting, May 2023

LBEP were well represented at this year’s annual Oxford Nanopore Technologies meeting, London Calling, at Old Billingsgate in May. Postdoc Natalie Ring presented a pre-recorded talk about her work developing new approaches to veterinary diagnostics during the “Secret Cinema” session, as well as speaking on stage during a showcase session about using nanopore sequencing for bacterial genome analysis, giving an interview about her experiences using nanopore sequencing, and being the subject of a detailed investigation into an ONT customer during a STEM session for school students (who then asked her some questions at the end of the day).

Secret cinema presentation:

Metagenomics and isolate sequencing showcase:

Thanks to Oxford Nanopore Technologies for their ongoing enthusiasm for Nat’s work!