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LBEP contribution to GRC Staphylococcal Diseases 2019

Staphylococcal Diseases (Gordon Research Conference) 2019, Barcelona

The GRC on Staphylococcal Diseases is the main international conference on in the field which attracts all the best Staphylococcologists from around the world. There was a strong contribution from LBEP members at the meeting in 2019, which was held for the first time at the fantastic Rey Don Jaime Grand hotel at Castelldefels near Barcelona. Ross was co-Chair of the main symposium along with Andreas Peshel (University of Tübingen) and Amy was co-Chair of the preceding Gordon Research Seminar along with Simon Heilbronner (University of Tübingen).

Both Joana and Gonzalo (along with Amy) gave excellent poster presentations and Amy was selected by the vice-Chairs to present her data at the ‘Late-breaking topics’ session - quite an honour. Overall, there was some really exciting science presented at the meeting and new collaborations established. In addition it was a great chance to catch up with old friends (including LBEP alumni) and to make some new ones. In 2021, the GRC on Staph Diseases will be back in the USA and LBEP are looking forward to it already!

More information on the 2019 GRC on Staphylococcal Diseases can be found here.

Staff profile page: Andreas Peshel (University of Tübingen)

Staff profile page: Simon Heilbronner (University of Tübingen)

LBEP reunion with alumni at Staphylococcal Diseases GRC 2019
Reunion with LBEP alumni Steve and Maria at Staphylococcal Diseases GRC 2019