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Congratulations Emma Nance

Emma Nance successfully completes her PhD rotatation project with LBEP

Emma Nance in the lab
Emma Nance in the lab

Congratulations to PhD candidate Emma Nance, who completed her Wellcome Trust One Health Models in Infectious Disease three month rotation project with LBEP from March-June 2021.

With her initial background in English literature and Law, Emma’s first steps as a wet lab scientist were a jump from the familiar. However, Emma was up and running in no time, successfully grasping the skill of allele replacement and creating a S. aureus knockout strain under the supervision of Fiona Sargison and Amy Pickering. She was then able to successfully validate her knockout in full, providing a valuable resource for future work.

Well Done Emma for knocking your project out of the park (just like a gene from a genome)!

More information on the Wellcome Trust One Health Models in Infectious Disease programme can be found here.