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Light Sheet Meeting at the MRC IGMM

The Advanced Imaging Resource showcased this powerful imaging technique: March 2018

Light Sheet Meeting at the MRC IGMM
Light Sheet Meeting at the MRC IGMM

The Advanced Imaging Resource within the MRC IGMM delivered a Light Sheet Meeting on Tuesday 27 April that was open to university students from across Edinburgh and the Central Belt of Scotland and over 40 people registered to attend.

Light sheet fluorescence microscopy is a powerful technique for imaging live samples over long periods of time and for 3D imaging. It allows fast volumetric imaging with reduced sample irradiation compared to conventional light microscopy methods. This symposium was of particular relevance to researchers working with Zebrafish or organoids.

Presentations included UltraMicroscopy, Optical Projection Tomography, Airy Beam Light Sheet & Light Sheet Microscopy for Cardiac Imaging. The keynote lecture was delivered by Dr Emmanuel Reynaud, University College Dublin, who presented on the theory and advances in Light Sheet microscopy.  

The other presenters were Stephan Werk, from LaVision Biotech, a company based in Germany and the USA and from the University of Edinburgh; Anisha Kubasik Thayil, IMPACT, Biomedical Sciences; Charlotte Buckley, Confocal and Advanced Light Microscopy Facility (CALM) at the QMRI and Cristina Martinez-Gonzalez, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, as well as Harris Morrison, from the Advanced Imaging Resource team within the IGMM.