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Feature: Behind the scenes with Joseph Flower, our work experience videographer

Joseph has created several videos that showcase life at the IGMM. Réka Nagy writes about him in this feature: January 2018

Joseph Flower
Joseph Flower

In addition to web stories and photos, you can get a glimpse into the life at the IGMM through a series of videos that showcase the Institute. Some of these, such as the ‘Behind the Scenes at IGMM’ and ‘Doors Open Day 2017’ videos, have been created by Joseph Flower, an S6 pupil doing work experience with the IGMM Design & Publication studio.

Joseph is a final year student at Dunbar Grammar School. Unsurprisingly, he studies art, photography and music composition. Amazingly, Joseph has acquired his impressive skillset without any formal training, and he likes to tinker with video and audio software (such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Logic Pro) until he obtains the desired result.

It is an enviable feat to have one’s hobbies and professional pursuits overlap, and Joseph manages to do just that. He has been developing his portfolio since he was 14, when he started working for the digital media wing (called Reel Youth Media) of a youth music project, Totally Sound. Edinburgh Council continue to sponsor him in this role, where in addition to filming, he also shares the secrets of his trade in a mentoring role. He also does some freelance work, and one of his current projects is the creation of a trailer for a theatre company, Creative Electric.

Joseph tries to stay creative through a variety of different means, and in addition to videography, he paints, models, and plays three very different instruments – the guitar, the trombone and the piano. He has his eyes set on doing a BA in Film & Television at the Edinburgh College of Art, and while places on this course are highly competitive, his various artistic talents and impressive and diverse portfolio will undoubtedly help him secure a place.