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MRC IGMM Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategy Launched

The MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine launched its 2018-2022 Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategy on Monday 5 February 2018

Rosie H&S
Rosie Russell - Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategy Launch

The IGMM aims to “…carry out excellent genetic, genomic, cellular and clinical science…” and “…be world class in key themes, bringing innovation and unique twists to IGMM discovery and translation”

To achieve excellence in its science and be world class in key areas, the management systems and internal support available within the Institute must also aspire to excellence and be world class in key areas.

The Strategy identifies three key themes which aim to:

  1. Further integrate the three Centres that came together to form the IGMM in 2007, while ensuring alignment and engagement with its key stakeholders.
  2. Minimise the long term impacts of work on IGMM staff and students by further improving the laboratory safety culture, the quality and implementation of risk assessments and the physical and mental health of staff and students.
  3. Equip all staff and students with the skills and knowledge to both operate safely in a 21st Century research environment and integrate safe actions and behaviours such that safe and healthy working is second nature

The strategy was endorsed unanimously by the Institute’s Operational Executive on 23 January 2018 and was produced by the new Health and Safety Manager, Rosie Russell who started with the IGMM in November 2017.

Rosie Russell said:

The IGMM is an inspirational place to work. I aim to be every bit as ambitious as the staff and students of the Institute. This Strategy will help to ensure that the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Management Systems are focussed on supporting those delivering the Institute’s research.

Rosie Russell has worked for the University of Edinburgh since 2013 and has nearly two decades of experience delivering health and safety management and advice to research organisations in the public, private and charity sectors across the UK. She passionately believes that, to be fit for purpose, Management Systems must support, and be useful to, everyone in an organisation.


The MRC IGMM 2018-2022 Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategy