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Successes at the UK Autophagy Network Meeting

Cancer Centre scientists won prizes at the 4th UK Autophagy Network Meeting: April 2018

UK Autophagy Network Meeting
Jane and Ainara (second and third from the left, respectively) together with the meeting organisers, the keynote speakers, and other prize winners.

Congratulations to Jane Fraser and Ainara González Cabodevilla (Dr Noor Gammoh’s lab, Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre) on their recent success at the 4th UK Autophagy Network Meeting held 18th-19th April in Cambridge, UK.

Jane (PhD student) won the prize for the best short talk for her presentation on discovering a role for autophagy proteins in regulating endosomal recycling and epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) signalling.

Ainara (Postdoctoral Fellow) was awarded runner up poster prize for her presentation on identifying novel essential activities of the autophagy protein ATG16L1, a project held in conjunction with Leo Dudley (PhD student in the same lab).

Autophagy, an important intracellular process that degrades and recycles damaged and unwanted cellular material, is increasingly associated with cancer cell survival. Ainara’s work has enhanced our understanding of the molecular mechanisms regulating the formation of autophagy-related vesicles, whilst Jane’s research has linked autophagy players to the regulation of pro-growth receptor signalling that is commonly over-activated in brain tumours.


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