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Donation to support bowel cancer research

Family and friends of Dennis Baron abseiled Barns Ness Lighthouse to raise money for bowel cancer research in Edinburgh: November 2018

Dunlop: Donation to support bowel cancer research

A really big thank you to the family and friends of Dennis Baron who abseiled the Barn Ness Lighthouse near Dunbar to raise money for colorectal cancer research led by Professor Malcolm Dunlop at the University of Edinburgh.

Dennis Baron had lived in North Berwick and bravely fought cancer for over 30 years. He passed away earlier this year. The 121 feet abseil was done in his memory raising almost six thousand pounds.

When Dennis Baron was diagnosed with bowel cancer and underwent major surgery, he enthusiastically joined in research being conducted by Professor Malcolm Dunlop, Dr Susan Farrington and the Colon Cancer Genetics Group. His family and friends decided to support this research by organising a challenging fundraising event and donating funds to the Colon Cancer Genetics Team at the University’s MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine (IGMM).

Professor Malcolm Dunlop and the Colon Cancer Genetics Group are part of the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre and the Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit. Professor Malcolm Dunlop is also a consultant colorectal surgeon at Edinburgh’s Western General Hospital. His work was recently recognised by the award of the Scottish Cancer Foundation Prize for his efforts as bowel cancer researcher and surgeon.  


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