Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Broughton High School Careers Fair

MRC IGMM participates annually, engaging with local pupils and parents: January 2018

broughton fair

The MRC IGMM participated in the annual Broughton High School Senior Phase Careers Fair, where 38 small & large employers, and further education institutions present. This is a partnership event with local employers, colleges and universities to showcase careers and employability routes.

Organised by the Broughton Works Parent Group of volunteer parents, 38 organisations participated, his event for 200 students provides a great opportunity to network and find out valuable information about career opportunities and subject choices.

Pupils were encouraged to consider the career areas that they were interested in, prepare questions and practise starting conversations with unfamiliar adults! Dee Davison, IGMM Science Communications Manager and Dr Asta Valanciute, Research Associate with Dr Farhat Din's group, Metabolism and Energy Signalling in Colorectal Cancer, CRUK Edinburgh Centre were very impressed by the pupils that were interested in biomedical careers and in working for the University of Edinburgh in other roles such as Support and Technical Services.