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Functionality within a session

The functionality available in Collaborate sessions and how this differs by role.

Range of functionality available through Collaborate

A range of functionality can be made available to use within a session. This includes:

  • Audio and video sharing (webcam)
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • PowerPoint display
  • Screen/Application sharing – including audio or video resources.
  • Polling
  • Breakout rooms
  • Session recording 

Factors determining functionality in an individual session

The Moderator of a session as full control over a session. They determine what functionality is made available to participants in their session. They also determine the user roles for participants in a session, and that in turn also determines what functionality they have access to, individually:

Roles in Collaborate

Additional factors determining functionality

Number of users in a session

Exceptionally large numbers of users in a session (>250) will mean that the range of functionality is reduced, either to the whole group or those with certain roles:

Size limit on sessions

Hardware and software of users

The technology available to users, including their Internet connection and browser, will determine the degree to which they can use the functionality made available to them in a session. This will also determine the accessibility of the session, to some extent.

Hardware and Software Requirements


Information on the different functions

Audio and video sharing (webcam):

Audio and Video (Blackboard website)


Interactive whiteboard:

Share whiteboard (Blackboard website)


PowerPoint Display:

Best Practice for PowerPoint Slides

Sharing Slides (Blackboard website)


Screen/Application sharing (Moderators only):

Share Screen (Blackboard website)

Share Audio and Video (only available using the Chrome browser) (Blackboard website)



Polling: Help for Participants (Blackboard website)

Polling: Help for Moderators (Blackboard website)


Breakout rooms:

How to create and facilitate Breakout Groups (Blackboard website)


Session recording:

Recording and Storage Management


If you require further assistance:

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