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Size limit on sessions

Sessions larger than 250 people must be arranged in advance.

Current advice from Blackboard during Covid-19 pandemic

MyEd Sessions Only

Blackboard have informed us that they would be like to be informed in advance of sessions that expect 250 attendees or more. The current limit for a large session is 500 attendees.

If you expect to have more than 250 participants at your event, please fill in the form at the link below (University login required) preferably 72 hours before the session is due to begin so that we can inform Blackboard. If you do not send us the requested information you will encounter an upper session limit of 250 participants after which the session is locked.

Request to increase capacity on Collaborate sessions form

If you make any changes to your session after it has been set to large capacity it will reset the session to not being a large session.

Please contact IS Helpline if you make any changes such as changing the date, time and adding moderators so that we can ask Blackboard to reset the session to large capacity.

 A session with hundreds of participants can be difficult to manage and as a result, some of the features that can be disruptive are automatically switched off.  These include:

Participant permissions (does not affect Moderator or Presenter roles)

  • Share audio
  • Share video
  • Post chat messages (moderators can turn this option back on during the session)
  • Draw on whiteboards an files

Breakout groups will also be turned off as there will be too many participants for small group collaboration.

Sessions Created in Learn or Moodle:

If your session is created in Learn or Moodle then you are able to do this yourself in the session settings. If you don't see the large session option, check the session length. The session needs an end time and can't be more than 24 hours in length. 

How to make a session a large event in Learn (Class Website)

If you require further assistance:

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