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Roles in Collaborate

Roles available to those taking part in a session and how they are assigned.

When creating a session it is important to understand the available roles that can be assigned to users.

There are four available roles; the first two are available when the session is created*:

  • Moderator: Have full control over the session. They can remove Participants from a session, but not other Moderators.
  • Participant: The Moderator of the session determines Participants’ privileges to use chat, video, audio, and draw on the whiteboard.

Within the session there are two further roles which the Moderator can promote Participants to:

  • Presenters: This role is designed to allow Participants to present without giving them Moderator privileges.  Presenters can upload, share, edit and stop sharing content; they can see hand raise notification and can lower hands.
  • Closed Captioner: Provides accessible learning experience for attendees who are deaf, also for students whose native language is different from that being spoken in the session. The captioner types what is being said in real time.

*If the session is created in MyEd by a student or registered visitor, anyone added as a Moderator will start the session with a Presenter role only.

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