Information Services

Help and Support

Information on how to get help and support. Includes advice on troubleshooting and known issues.

Troubleshooting Audio and Video

Suggestions if you are having issues in a session.

Troubleshooting Presentations

Suggestions if you are having issues with uploading a presentation to a Collaborate session.

Best Practice for PowerPoint Slides

How to create presentations that are accessible and avoid technical issues in the session.

Known Issues

A list of known issues affecting Collaborate, the workarounds available, and how we are working to resolve them.

How to Report a Collaborate Issue to Helpline

If you have problems during a session which you cannot resolve.

Collaborate-alerts mailing list

If you use Blackboard Collaborate, we recommend that you join our low volume mailing list for alerts and news about the Blackboard Collaborate service.

Instructions on Subscribing to a Mailing List

Collaborate-alerts mailing list


Feedback on the Collaborate Service

The Collaborate service team are keen for users to provide feedback/suggestions on the service and the tools available within Collaborate: