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Main Software Deals

This section contains the main software agreements & special deals we adminster for the University. Choose an agreement to see who is eligible and how to get the software.



Below is a list of software products you can request codes/access for. Many of these products renew annually.  If your codes have expired please re-request codes for the current year. 

Adobe CC Express Login (secured) Adobe Sign (secured) (Staff only)
ArcGIS (secured)    -
Endnote for Students (secured) Endnote for Staff (secured)
Mathematica for Students (secured) Mathematica for Staff (secured)
Matlab for Students (secured) Matlab for Staff (secured)
Mindgenius Codes (secured) Mindgenius ONLINE (secured)
Minitab (secured) NVivo (secured)
SPSS for Students (secured) SPSS for Staff (secured)
SPSS AMOS and Modeler (secured) SAS (secured)






Software Deals by Type:


Statistical packages

Graphad Prism Creating graph images with statistical input.
Minitab Minitab is a popular statistical analysis package for scientific applications, in particular for design and analysis of experiments, time series, charts and plots
SAS SAS is an integrated system for statistical analysis, data mining and data warehousing, a business favourite.

SigmaPlot is available to the university under an annual site licence held by software Services.

SPSS IBM SPSS products are particularly good for surveys, data manipulation and a wide variety of analyses.






Software Deal Conditions

You can also read through a summary of the conditions of use for all the main deals contained in a table of license conditions.

Software Conditions


Software interest

From time to time, software services call for interest in collaborating in a software site license or special deal. Use the Software Interest form (secured) for the call for interest or to highlight other software you'd like to a university deal for.

Before filling out the form, please check the main deals and software database to see if a deal already exists. 

N.B. This is not an installation service, please contact IS help services for help and support with software installations.