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FCS Express

FCS Express is a premier flow and image cytometry data analysis software with a modern, Microsoft Office™ style interface.

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How do I order? How do I get it? How much does it cost?

Order from Software Services Team

Software Services Team will email installation instructions directly to the user.

£200 per seat to 31st January 2025.

Renewals 1st February annually.

Please always include the end users' name, UUN and email address along with the product name in any orders.



* Before installation, you must first obtain permission from your Group Leader / PI / Grant Holder.

* Currently we are charging £200 to 31st January 2025 per user, but it will be subject to change each year depending on the number of users. Billing will usually be between Jan – May.

* Only users with an Edinburgh University IP address and email address can sign up.

* If you leave before renewal, you will be charged for the full year.