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Mathematica, based on symbolic mathematics, is used in scientific, engineering, mathematical and other areas of technical computing.

Three year bulk purchase end on 12th June 2020. Three year School unlimited licenses end in June 2021. Home use licenses expire 12th June each year, university ones expire 12th July.

Software Services administer a bulk purchase deal for single, server or network seat licenses for some schools. We also administer four unlimited school licenses cover all school machines, staff and student home use in those schools.

Unlimited school licenses

Unlimited licensed are subscribed to an a full FTE basis and cover all school machines and staff and student home-use. Local school IT support administer license portals for their own staff and students.

 Mathematica unlimited school licenses:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Engineering
  • Biological Sciences - for School of Biological Sciences please contact your IT Support for details.

Please contact Software Services if you want to discuss new school licenses.

Bulk purchase licenses

A three year bulk purchase deal is in place allowing Schools and Staff members to buy single licenses, server licenses and server seats (1st charge will be pro rata until June renewal). Schools can order licenses via EIT from Software Services. Contact Software Services for prices and details.

Mathematica Home-Use for Staff

Under the bulk purchase scheme, for each single license bought a member of staff is entitled to a home use license. The home use licenses allows a single install of Mathematica on a personal laptop or home machine. Follow the link below for instructions for getting a home use license for staff (requires EASE login).

Mathematica Home-Use for Students

Students in above schools are also entitled to get a home-use license.  The home use licenses allows a single install of Mathematica on a personal laptop or home machine. Please follow instructions for getting a home use license for students (requires EASE login).

Mathematica for Students

Outwith the unlimited school licenses, Edinburgh University Students can get 15% off the price of 'Mathematica for Students' when ordering from the Wolfram website using the code PD1267. The Mathematica Student Offer flyer has all the details on how Students can take advantage of the special discount.