Information Services


SAS is an integrated system for statistical analysis, data mining and data warehousing, a business favourite.

There is no campus wide SAS deal. New 3 year deals for MVM college wide , for Business and Geosciences school wide run from August 2020 to July 2021.

N.B. After a 30 day grace period, then a 30 day warning period, the annual codes expire on the 30th September each year.


SAS for Schools

Two schools and a college have unit wide licenses, other schools/units are not covered by the agreement.

SAS for Staff and Students

There are 2 options for staff and students to use SAS on personal computers, only one if your school hasn't a license. May require purchase.

SAS licensing details

The Eduerv/chest agreement at the university is one college and two school licenses, for Teaching and Research, for the Education Analytic Suite.

SAS SID file request form (secured)

MVM college and Business school can use this form to SID file to renew an existing SAS installation or to activate a new one as part of the MVM college or business school SAS site license .

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