Information Services

Software Services Contact Details

Software services is administer certain software deals on behalf of the university behind the scenes.

Help and Support for Software

Please contact the IS Helpline for technical expertise or guidance on using or installing software or for any other help and support issues.

Office Address

Address letters, forms etc for the team to:

Software Services Team, Information Services ITI division,

The University of Edinburgh,

Level H West, Argyle House,

3 Lady Lawson Street,

Edinburgh EH3 9DR

Team Members

Joyce Anderson:          deals with license administration and software distribution.
Justine Kinnear (ISG admin): Accounts, EITs and billing covering Alison's Maternity leave
Alison Cairney-Page: usually deals with the accounts, EITs and billing - on Maternity leave from 1st May 2020 to March 2021
Frances Provan:           software co-ordinator deals with site licenses and other agreements. 


EIT route

To find us in the EIT system choose:

Information Services > IT Infrastructure >> Software Services.

Email for sales

There is an separate confidential email address,, to contact Software Services in confidence regarding a sale or to discuss pricing for deals.

Email for confidential codes

If you need to contact us to request or verify software codes, please use the confidential email address, outwith the normal help system.

DO NOT cc the normal help email.


We have a twitter account to tweet news about the software we administer.  Follow us @UOESoftSrv or tweet us with your software news.


Software Wishes

Follow this link for details on making software requests, for registering interest for new software deals or requesting software packaging for managed desktops.