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The MindGenius application is based around the concept of mind-mapping, which allows the user to capture large amounts of disparate information and gives them the ability to view content from different viewpoints.

MindGenius 19 is available on all Open Access PCs across campus.

Details of Open Access computers are on our IS website:

Open-Access Computers


All Students and Staff can request installations of MindGenius from the Software Center on University Managed PCs, and can request an installation for use on a Personal Device via our Request Form:

MindGenius Request Form (secured)(Windows only).

The MindGenius Take Home license is perpetual but limited, i.e. software should be deleted from your home machine when you leave the university. Once the software is downloaded, installed and activated, it will not need to be renewed or reactivated every year.

N.B. The serial and security take home codes are time limited and will expire. If you need to reinstall the software at a later date and previously working codes cease to work, please fill in the request form again.


Instructions on how to install software from the Software Center can be found at: 

Installing Applications 

MindGenius online

The university now has a subscription to Mindgenius online. Staff and students can use the online MindGenius online request form to request an invite to the subscription service. Suitable for Windows and Mac users.

MindGenius Online Request Form (secured)

Mindgenius Request Form (secured)

Use this form to request details to download and activate a Mind Genius home use license. For windows only.

Mindgenius Online Request Form (secured)

Use this form to request an invitation to Edinburgh university's Mindgenius online subscription. Suitable for Mac and Windows users.

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