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IBM SPSS products are particularly good for surveys, data manipulation and a wide variety of analyses.

The current 4 year site license expires in September 2021. Annual codes start warning on 1st Sept each year and expire on 1st Oct each year.

 The university site license permits all students and academic staff in subscribed units to use SPSS on university computers  and to install it on personal computers for university work.

SPSS at the university This section details how to get SPSS at the university, including detail of SPSS Subscribing units and how other units can order licenses for their staff. 
SPSS home use for staff and students

Students can use one of two forms to get SPSS to download and install:

 Student SPSS 25 form Student SPSS 24 form (secured)

Staff can request codes using the following form 

SPSS codes request form (secured)

Licensing SPSS This section contains the Student and codes request forms above, as well as details of the site license and forms to register copyright acknowledgment.

SPSS FAQs and external links has more resources for SPSS.