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Teams Town Halls

For large audience events online, Microsoft are introducing Town Halls to replace Live Events on Teams from end of September 2024.

Introducing Teams Town Halls

Town Halls will provide a new way of hosting and delivering large-scale online events, simplifying the overall experience for users with its integration onto the more familiar Teams platform (that Live Events was not built on).

What’s happening?

Teams Town Halls will replace Teams Live Events which will be retired in September 2024.  Over the course of the next few months, ISG Apps Service Management are preparing for this change. Teams Town Halls will be phased into our guidance, gradually replacing Live Events and Live Event organisers will be contacted directly with more details to help their transition.

What are the differences?

Many features have already been adopted in Teams Live Events, including maximum 10,000 attendees, but others, as seen in the box below, provide exciting opportunities for hosts and attendees alike. 

Feature Teams Live Events Teams Town Halls
Maximum duration 4 hours 30 hours
Manage what attendees can see (including Q&A) No Yes
Essential emails* No Yes
Live caption translation One of six languages chosen by the host One of six languages chosen by each attendee

*Pre-configured, rather than manually-created, emails sent by the organiser for the event invitation and recordings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the new roles mean?

In Live Events, there are organisers, producers, presenters, and attendees, in comparison to Town Halls, where there are organisers, co-organisers, presenters, and attendees.

The Live Events producer role is to be divided up into the organiser, co-organiser, and presenter roles in Town Halls.

More about the event roles

What will happen to my Live Event recordings after it is retired?

Live event recordings will be retained until 31st December 2024. If you will need access to your recordings after this date, download them and upload them to another location.

What will happen to my pre-planned Live Events?

Live Events will be retired on 30th September 2024 by Microsoft. If you are planning to host an event, only host Live Events that finish before this date. Teams should currently give you access to organise a Town Halls meeting for after 30th September 2024.

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