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Teams Live Events

On this page you will find information about Live Events in Teams.

About Teams Live Events 

Live Events in Teams allow for large scale "town hall" events which can run for up to 4 hours and allows 10,000 audience members. A typical format is multiple presenters taking turns to give a presentation and audience Q&A

The number of simultaneous live events is limited to 15 and these are scheduled centrally by Information Services Group.  Event organisers can request to host a live event using Teams in the "Request to Host a Live Event" section  below.

We recommend at least 2 weeks lead time before the main event and a practice event so that your producer, moderator and presenter(s) can familiarise with Teams Live Events.   Event hosts can request a live event in the next section below.

As with any large scale event, they need planning in advance and the event host needs to organise presenter support during the event (a producer and moderator (if audience Q&A is included).  Training is included in the Producer and presenter training section.

How Live Events work

  • Live Events have an Event Organiser, who requests that the Live Event be scheduled.
  • Live Events also have producers who support the presenter(s) in controlling the content that the audience sees during the event.
  • Live Events have designated presenter(s) who deliver a presentation to the audience. 

Hint - Did you know that we can help you choose the right tool for your type of digital event?  If you're still unsure about which tool to use or you're not sure if a live event in Teams is for you then more help is on hand using our "Online and Digital Events tool selector".

Request, Update or Cancel a Teams Live Event

Request to Host a Live Event

You can request to host a Teams Live Event by filling out the form below:

Request to host a Teams Live Event

You will be asked to provide the following:

  • If you want a practice event before the real event (highly recommended)
  • Title and description of your event
  • Target date & time of your event
  • Email addresses of your presenter(s) and producer(s)
    • Note - if you intend to have an external presenter you will have to add them to a Team as a guest before requesting your Live Event (for information on how to add external users as guests, see "Can I invite guests (without a University of Edinburgh account)..." on our FAQs page).

If eligibile your Teams Live event will be scheduled for you centrally by Information Services Group Facilities.

You should now start preparing for your practice and main event, by asking your producer(s) and presenter(s) to complete the training below under "Producer and Presenter training", and by reviewing the "Planning your Teams Live Event" section. 

Update or Cancel a Live Event

You can request an update to or cancel your Live Event by filling out the form below:

Update/Cancel your Live Event

To update or cancel your Live event you will be required to provide your current Live Event title and date. 

You can requests updates to any of the following:

  • Date of your live Event
  • Start time of your Live Event
  • End time of your Live Event
  • Disable recording
  • Add new producer(s) and/or presenter(s)

Training for Producers or Presenters

Before hosting your Live Event, your producers and presenters are required to complete the following training. 

Producer Training

Producers should review the following training video before the Live Event:

Producer Training Video

Presenter Training

Presenters should review the following training video before the Live Event:

Presenter Training Video

Planning your Teams Live Event

Will the event be recorded?

Yes, events are recorded by default and the recording will be made available for download soon after your event has ended. This includes a transcript, captions and, if you have requested it, a Q&A report. These are found by opening your event from your calendar in Teams and scrolling down to the 'Event Resources' section. You can ask for recording to be turned off when requesting your Live Event.

If you want further information on the Guiding principles of recording of online and digital events, please have a look at the following page:

Guiding Principles - recording of online and digital events

Disclaimer - Once the event is scheduled the event organiser will self-manage all aspects of the event. The designated producer(s) will support the presenter(s) and the audience during the event. There is no guarantee of Information Services help during a live event.

Further information for your producer(s) and presenter(s)

Your producers and presenters should review the training above before the Live Event. However, it may also be helpful for you to provide them with some guidance and information before your Live Event.

An example of this information is:

  • Tell them exact time you want them to arrive by (make this earlier than the start time)
  • Tell them to use either the desktop or browser (Chrome or Edge) versions of Teams, as the mobile version will not work
  • Ask them to mute their microphones during the event until it is their turn to speak
  • Discuss how you want the Q&A to be moderated
  • Provide them with an outline/agenda for the Live Event. 

Moderating the Q&A

During your Live Event, your attendees will be able to ask questions. Either your producer(s) or the person you have asked to be your moderator for the Q&A, will moderate the Q&A.

There will be sections of the Q&A visible only to the producer(s) and presenter(s), one called "New" and one called "Published".

From the "New" section the Q&A moderator(s) can publish questions for all attendees to see. You should decide before your Live Event how you want to moderate the Q&A session. For example, how and when the questions will be answered, and who will answer what.

Further information and guidance on Moderating the Q&A is available in the following video:

How to moderate the Q&A

Informing your attendees 

It is a good idea to inform your attendees of the format of the Live Event before hand, as although it is very similiar to Teams meetings in the way that attendees join the meeting, the format is slightly different.

You should let them know that they can ask questions during the Live Event.

Further information on attending Live Events is available in the following video:

How to attend a Live Event